Kiwanosoto is home to an extraordinary range of everyday crafts and skills practiced by villagers individually and in small collectives: Bamboo weaving, ikebana (flower-arranging), collage, needlework, pottery, bonsai and fermentation are just some of the most popular. Many make use of seasonal produce, celebrating nature and the traditional cultural events. As in most areas of rural Japan, many local traditions have been passed down the generations, but there are also skills and hobbies introduced by newcomers and visitors.


Local pottery group Gagayudo

A production system created by the village's bamboo factory

Okamoto san tends to the bamboo canning

Welcome Ikebana

Bonsai garden

Local women serving home-made pickles

Decorative mobile made from recycled cans

A sushi party dish

Bamboo craftsman

Onigiri en masse 

Some pottery shaped from bamboo

Rice straw woven into a basket

Woodblock engraving

Cooking outside for a village event