Not Just ‘Longevity of Life’: Updates from Kiwanosato

It is a commonly shared philosophy within the village that there is no ‘retirement’ in being productive. Staying active during the lockdown, the villagers share some recipes that they feel support their ‘fully activated longevity of life’ and what they are doing to remain active during this time.

Mrs. Yoshimura’s (75) Ginger Punch

Ingredients:  thinly sliced organic fresh ginger, rice vinegar, sugar and a pinch of salt

Pour boiling water over the sliced ginger and drain. Mix well with the vinegar sauce and set in the fridge. Consume a couple of slices a day. If the ginger is too hard, chop it finely.

Mr. Okamomto’s (83) Mountain Chocolate Factory

Ingredients and Equipment:  organic garlic, newspaper, rice cooker

Line the rice cooker with the newspaper and then lay in the separated garlic cloves. Leave in the cooker on a ‘warm heat’ setting for ten to 15 days. Check occasionally until the garlic gets soft and becomes a dark chocolate brown colour. Consume one clove a day.

Nobody but cherry blossoms   – visiting the parks in Shimonseki City

The local potter, Mr. Kato, visited one of the famous cherry parks in Shimonoseki, near Kiwanosato where over 320 trees are in full bloom (see image above).  Normally cherry bloom potluck parties are hosted everywhere across Japan to celebrate the occasion, but not this year.

And finally, time for tidying and decorating…