Nippon Agriculture Newspaper, December 2019

4th December 2019, Tofu-making workshop
6th December 2019, Grizedale Arts & Kiwanosato collaboration 'Dream of Kiwanosato' - "stimulate the Valley with art"


Kiwanosato Village Survey, Kingston University, November 2018
(23MB download)

Led by the tutor Takeshi Hayatsu, fourteen post graduate architecture students from Kingston University joined a [Kiwanosato] workshop for five days in 2018, and conducted a survey of the village and its inhabitants’ houses and workplaces.
This fascinating document intends to record the villagers’ way of life through architectural drawings, sketches and photographs.

Collated by Josie Brogan with thanks to the following for their contributions:
Karishma Mehta / Shadi Al-Begain / Serina Harb / Darren Maskell / Arjun Singh / Millie Hack / Emily Dudman
Ziad Bakr / Verity Parson / Beverley Magtibay / Marcos Sazeides / Lars Bjornsen / Rosie Cheng / Xingye Fan


Photographic Record of Kiwanosato, Hayatsu Architects, April 2018
(4.4MB download)

The survey catalogues the visible elements of built environment of the valley, ranging from dwelling houses to concrete retaining walls. It is not an exhaustive survey, but attempting to capture the present state of the villages from a built environment point of view.