The Village House

The Village House was built over a century ago and is typical of the region with its tin-covered thatch and wooden construction. The house offers a sitting area with interior central fire pit, three sleeping rooms and a kitchen with a well, a wood-fired range and gas hobs. Outside there is a workshop, storage and a bread oven. In 2010, an exterior bath house was built as part of a renovation of the space led by Yamaguchi University.

There are three traditional-style sleeping rooms with tatami mats. These sleeping rooms are shared and positioned off the main living space.

The central fire pit is a social and cooking space. Additional cooking facilities are situated in the kitchen, which include a Japanese wood-fired oven and gas hob rings.

There is a bath house outside of the main building, which is equipped with shower and two ofuro (steep-sided Japanese soaking baths). There is also a large laundry space with a wash machine and for area drying here.

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