‘Seiryuan’ is a beautiful thatched heritage farmhouse in a rural location at a distance of 15 minutes drive from Kiwanosato village. Built over 150 years ago, its name translates as ‘house of the clean river’. Last used in the 1980’s as a paper-making studio and latterly as a soba noodle restaurant, ‘Seiryuan’ has been extensively refurbished over the last few years to maintain its thatched roof, paper screens and tatami mat floors. The garden trees are now regularly pruned in the traditional 'niwaki' style.

A stay here is an opportunity to experience life in a traditional Japanese country house set amidst beautiful woodland and former paddy fields.

The house offers a sitting area with interior central fire pit, three bedrooms and a kitchen with wood-fired range, set amidst a traditional garden of trees and water, designed by the former owner, an experienced Japanese gardener.

In 2018, a wood-fired traditional exterior bath house and garden bamboo fencing were built by Grizedale Arts’ team. As Seiryuan is a historic property, it is only available for seasonal stays hosted by Grizedale Arts.