Kiwanosato offers various types of accommodation for visitors:
The Village House - a traditional wood & tatami mat house with three bedrooms, a bath house and a traditional open plan living area / kitchen.
The School House - the former village school, refurbished to accommodate larger groups (up to 20) in two basic single-sex dormitories, with versatile workshop / teaching spaces.
Seiryuan - a traditional rural wood & tatami mat house with three bedrooms and a traditional wood-fired cooking range,  surrounded by woodland and former rice paddies.

For enquiries please contact Otomoko-san, Kiwanosato Gathering Group manager:
NB It is strongly advised to communicate via a Japanese speaker, as English is not spoken by most village inhabitants.

A short distance from the village, the local Kikugawa hotel (Sungreen Kikugawa) offers more comfortable accommodation in Western & Japanese style rooms.