A Suspicious 90 Year Old Lady

The oldest villager of Kiwanosato, Mrs. Isomura, turned 90 years old earlier this month (April 2020).

On the morning of her birthday, she went to the mountain to collect horsetails that grow wild. Then she made a phone call to a man who is referred to in the local area as ‘the agent’.

What does he do exactly? What is Mrs. Isomura’s business with him? Why call him on her 90th birthday?

April is the season for horsetails. As Mrs. Isomura loves going to the mountain to collect seasonal harvests, she has arranged for the agent (a dealer for the local farmer’s market) to come and collect the bunches of horsetails she gathers from her home as she no longer drives.

Tending to the rice fields, collecting seasonal harvests and chuckling every day are a just a few of the many things that Mrs. Isomura loves to do and are perhaps many of the reasons why she is loved by everyone.