The Village House

The Village House was built over a century ago and is typical of the region with its tin-covered thatch and wooden construction. The house offers a sitting area with interior central fire pit, three sleeping rooms and a kitchen with a well, a wood-fired range and gas hobs. Outside there is a workshop, storage and a bread oven. In 2010, an exterior bath house was built as part of a renovation of the space led by Yamaguchi University.

The central fire pit is a social and cooking space.

Renovation of the vacant farmhouse began in 2009, led by Professor Nakozano of Yamaguchi University and working with members of the Kiwanosato Gathering Group. 

Repairs included correcting a tilting structure and fallen floor - which had dropped by 20cm at its worst - and reactivating the central hearth. Traditional wood-fired cooking is once again possible.

The view from the front of the house.

For enquiries please contact Otomoko-san, Kiwanosato Gathering Group manager: